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How to make your customers choose you

What is it about your business that will make customers choose you? What makes your
product or service unique?
Whilst many businesses will say “that’s easy”, it can be a real challenge to define what your
Unique Selling Points truly are.

What does your website say about your business?

You only get one chance to make a first impression. And you only have 7 seconds to grab a
visitor’s attention when they visit your website. Lose it and your competitors are only a click
So what makes a ‘good’ website in the eyes of a prospective custome


There are many opportunities to win new customers, even in a recession. And the best way
to ‘recession proof’ your business is to get your marketing up to scratch.
Here are some top tips on how to get potential customers listening – and contacting you....

How to improve the quality of your leads

Are you generating plenty of leads but not enough sales?
Most business want "more leads". That's because leads = sales, right? Well, no, not

How to make your email communications work harder

How many emails do you receive in a week? And how many do you read? Yes, I thought
Here are just a few quick and easy tips to make your email communications more

How to run a successful Telemarketing campaign

Telemarketing can be extremely effective, particularly when combined with other media such as direct mail or email. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. It involves by-passing gatekeepers, talking to people you don’t know, and using persuasion techniques to try and convince them to buy a product,...

10 Cost effective ways to boost your business profile

Apart from saving budget if you don’t have one for PR activity, doing your own PR can give you control over your message, your company’s image and your time. Here are a few low cost ways to help you boost your company’s profile relatively easily.

The value of a SWOT analysis

Why should your business have a SWOT Analysis? Because every business has strengths   and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Understanding what these are in detail is vital to the success of your business as it can be is the foundation not only for your marketing strategy but for strengthening, developing and growing your business.


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